Deep Thoughts; yeah right.
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2003-03-08 05:02:50 (UTC)

Friends with Benefits?

So i was talking to this guy tonight that i work with -
awesome guy - about 23, i think - and somehow we started
talking about the pros/cons of going out with someone vs
friends with benefits. I have never had a "friend with
benefits", since my only relationship was one of "going
out"...and i'm not sure about the whole thing. he said it
basically takes out the commitment and emotions, vs
a "going out" relationship...and i'm not sure if that's a
good thing or not. loyalty is important to me, but knowing
that the guy i'm interested is going across the country at
the end of the summer, i'm not sure. it almost seems
pointless to be Bf/Gf just for the summer, if we both know
that THAT's all it's going to be. I do want someone to
have fun with this summer, and since all my friends have
their own significant other i feel like 3's a crowd
whenever we do anything. I definiltly don't need anything
too serious right now, just someone to hang out with and
have fun. i'm sure i'll meet a bunch of people in college
next year anyways. So how do i start a relationship,
knowing it's only temporary? i regret only going out with
one other person during high-school - i should have learned
more about relationships, not just stuck around with one
person. hmmm. Oh well, gotta love teenage-romance,
right? It's definitly something to think about... ;)

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