2003-03-08 00:40:37 (UTC)

What a blah day. I dont know..

What a blah day.

I dont know what happened really. He was all lets go to
the mall. and i was like i need to get a haircut. and he
was like i dont want to sit at the hair place. and then i
saw a charge on my account that i didnt remember making.
and i got mad. and he said shut the fuck up. and so i
did. and he did. and we went to class in silence, sat in
class in silence, drove home in silence and he left. that
was over 7 hours ago. and im not calling him. i want to
so bad but im not. it has gotten old.. finally.

I guess Im going to Rocky with Dawn at 12. i'll be tired
at work tomorrow morning but oh well. i havent seen her in
months. Maybe it'll be fun.

The other night, he locked our wallets in the gym and we
slept on lawn chairs all night. Not really slept but. it
was bizarre. then yesterday was pretty cool, i went over
there and slept, his mom made us breakfast and we slept,
then we went shopping with her.. but not today. good day
bad day. but why bad days? im so tired. im so fucking