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2003-03-08 00:26:58 (UTC)


ugh what a boring day it's been. NOTHING happened all day.
i didn't get outta bed til 8:40 and went back to bed at
10:15. no wind ensemble cuz dh wasn't here. so i had
nothing to do from 10:10 until 2:30. what do i do? sleep.

tomorrow i'm gonna be 17!! i'm kinda dreading tomorrow
night...adam's having dinner w/ me and mom. dunno if
michelle's coming. lol if she did come she'd make fun of
him--i can just see it. oh well. i already bought his prom
ticket. something's gonna get mailed to his house soon.
there's no way she can stop me from going w/ him. ehhh....

mom's coming up tomorrow and signing me out. i still don't
know where i want to eat tomorrow night. i'm kinda hoping
that mom gets a room at the westin or the hyatt. highly
doubt it though. i'm gonna get my hair trimmed. it looks
kinda funny now cuz of the layers so...level the bottom
layer. easy enough.

just a few more hours now.....UNTIL I'M 17!!!

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