The Middle of Nowhere
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2003-03-08 00:10:07 (UTC)


YES! My fic "Trust Me" is loaded to!! Yay!!
After 6 tries...I love my betas SOO much! Especially Jayne!
She's DA best! Amy...muahaha we're evil!! And SLASH is NOT
an obsession!! (I'm straight anywayz)
I love every1 right now! It even SNOWED today! Talk about
good. Cept I have Chinese School tomorrow. Currently I'm
gonna devour a dirty lil' secret...
I'm on Chapter 13!!!!! Hehehehehe!! Yay! Draco/Miyara 4eva!
Best Quote: "Got Potter? Then you got Malfoy too!"
But what can make my day brighter? Of course...if Cassie
and Barb and Frances and Aja and Ali_Wildgoose all update!
And Elektra too! I'm waiting and waiting for
them ::sniffles::
Eeee! G2G now! Bai bai sweetie!