Michelle's Journal
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2003-03-07 21:17:53 (UTC)


Well, I started this stupid thing about a year ago and I
haven't written in it in a very long time. I guess I just
made it to help me vent about some of the things I go
though and right now I feel like there is a lot going on
that I can't handle. For example, I'm currently looking for
a new job and it sucks because I can't seem to find
anyplace that is actually hiring right now. Everyone keeps
telling me that they aren't hiring until Spring. Its
getting to the point where I'm ready to just give up, but I
do have bills to pay and I need money! Also, I decided
about a week ago to do some spring cleaning with some of my
friends. When people act a certain way and you happen to be
friends with that person, people automatically assume that
you act the same way. Lets see, how can I put this nicely?
I have a few friends who are basically whores and because I
associate myself with them, other people assume I'm one
too. Which is not the case at all!! I have morals and
values, I actually respect myself enough to not act in that
way. Oh well, I just feel right now that I'd rather not
have any friends, than be friends with these kinds of
people. I know it might sound selfish, but I want to
concentrate on myself for once and not be so nice to other
people. Even my own mother tells me that I'm too nice for
my own good. So, I decided to slowly start changing myself.
I just want to be happy and in order to be happy, I need to
cater to my own wants and needs.......even if that means
ditching some of my friends. Well I can't really call them
friends, because friends wouldn't do what these so
called "friends" did to me. Well I guess thats just life
and I'll just move on and one day look back at all this and
be glad that I ditched these people when I did.

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