Stream of Consciousness
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2003-03-07 20:44:00 (UTC)


well, big fucking surprise. she has achieved the worlds
record for fastest break up. im not going to comment on
this very much, ill just post the poem, or whatever you
wanna call it, that i wrote the night it happened. i
couldnt see the monitor my eyes were so full of tears. i
was sobbing like a small child:

Like a summer breaze
you soothed my soul
Suddenly back
to remove the pain
like a false prophet
you set me at ease
and for a time
i thought it would be ok
out of nowhere
you take it away
left naked and alone i weep
now sitting here
useless to anyone
i fill an infinent well with tears
i search for you
in past thoughts and cries
always being the source of pain
my love for you is deep
my hurt travels all of its depth

its really shitty and i know this. but im going to keep it
this way, unrefined. raw. as a constent reminder to myself.