random scribbles
2003-03-07 16:18:06 (UTC)

i've been drinking, and it doesnt get me anywhere

[music - something corporate - mood - fucking miserable]

sometimes life would be a hell of a lot easier if
i could just say what i thought.

i'm listening to konstantine and wishing i could turn back
the clock and do things differently. the only problem is, i
don't know when i'd turn it back to, and i don't know what
i'd change.


i don't know where i took the wrong turn, i felt so good a
couple of weeks ago. well thats teenage life isnt it? :)

*there's a subtle difference between falling in love and
chaining your soul. get out of the things you don't
understand before they get old. time consumes us all, sucks
us into its bottomless hole.*