Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-03-07 16:07:58 (UTC)

6. R.E.M. - At My Most Beautiful

This song I love. I REALLY love this song. It almost got a
separate tribute a la Nightswimming a few months hence.
But anyway. Why? How?

I don't know how. I don't remember. I don't know when I
heard it, I remember buying it on single, the 5" CD first,
in ASDA one Monday night - it might have been the day it
came out but I suspect it wasn't, my love for R.E.M. had
waned over Monster and New Adventures In Hi-Fi (Young
people could be stupid, I didn't know Electolite) but I
got At My Most Beautiful, and I just fell in love with it.
You know when you play one song again and again and again,
well I did that with this song, for about a fortnight, I'm
not certain I listened to anything else during that time,
and I finally relinquished the CD to a friend to hear the
track, and I missed it so much by the evening that I had
to go and buy the 3" CD version, too.

It was the track that inspired me to get INTO R.E.M., it
kick started that trend, and it was not long after that I
bought, like, all their albums that I didn't have.

I didn't look back after that...

God, its such a beautiful obsessive song. It really is.

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