Gay, London and Oriental. Take A Look ;)
2003-03-07 13:37:40 (UTC)

Happy Happy Happy

On Tuesday I went and got some pictures I took developed.
It was my first ever photo album and they turned out good.
I uploaded my new pics to faceparty.com and about 2 days
later got a message from a 16 year old from Surrey. He
sounded really nice, the last pic I submitted didn't show
me the best of ways, but the new one was me in everyway. He
was the first person to message me other than the
administrators ones (oh how I loathe them -_-) and I was
real happy ^_^. On Wednesday I was talking to Justine. She
was a good friend of mine who I met in college and she is
now attending a university in Wales, studying law. It was
good to know about how she was getting on and she seemed
eager to know whats going on in mine ^_^. I showed her the
same pic I put on the site and she was like my god Thai you
look different. It was nice to be able to talk about alot
of things again and telling her about my life and such.
Louis (16 year from Surrey) really made me happy, I didn't
expect to get any messages, I don't think that I was
likeable = especially to someone I don't know. I got that
message and it just boosted my self confidence tenfold ^_^.
This Saturday a few of my friends are coming down for the
weekend and hopefully see them and let them know whats
going on. See you later