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2003-03-07 12:27:52 (UTC)

Hurrah. Hurrah. Oh.

Its been an age since my last entry here - maybe about 5
days or so. What have I been up to? Pointedly not much. I
went to the cinema the other day, to see The Pianist -
truly one of the best films I've seen in a long time, but
I did miss some with a) A nose bleed and b) The man in the
aisle seat having every bag in Christendom at his feet and
picking them up one by one as I tried to shuffle past.

Been a quiet working week - I've got about 1 and a half
official pieces of work done, so I've only got 2 and a bit
to do (which shouldn't be too bad, I wouldn't think).
Watched Almost Famous again last night, that's another
corking film.

Now a couple of things for the...well...posterity.

I'm a butt man - I love a good booty. This is true, and if
you've been following my eyes any time I leave the house
it would be obvious (Why do guys always have to zero in on
body parts? I don't know. As much as I like a good butt,
I'll look at the butt without seeing the girl attached,
often - if I'm looking for an attractive girl I start with
the eyes. Oh no I've said too much) but anyway - at least
I'm not as bad as some people.

Anyhoo, I was chatting with my housemates the other day
and one of them told me I'd turned him into a butt man. I
think his exact words were "I like a good pair of norks as
much as the next man, but you've turned me. I can see
things from the other side now. I love a good butt". I
felt simultaneously very proud and very embarassed. What
do you want us to do? We're guys, both single, and more
importantly, both very comfortable with each other's

Having said this, neither of us are particular fans of
Kylie's behind. Odd, huh? Importantly, neither of us are
into porn - maybe again, I'm saying too much. There's a
lot to be said for a woman with her clothes on, more so,
in our opinion than naked. Maybe its the fact that we both
find pornography relatively demeaning - both to the women
who feature (probably less so, because they get paid, and
they essentially 'choose' to do it) and the men who feel
inclined to well, view themselves in such a lowly way.
Give me Jennifer Love-Hewitt over Jenna Jameson any day.
(I say that with only a hazy recollection of what Jenna
Jameson looks like, from an FHM from about 7 months back).

So, what else did I want to say today. I've been drawn
into a web of liking harmless French pop sensation Alizée -
she was always damned cute, and the French thing always
helped, the voice, the style, the fact they like a good
coffee, but she's moved into the same "I'm a woman"
territory as Aguilera did, but remaining decent (though to
be fair some of her hotpants have been far from decent)
and...most importantly not as slutty as Aguilera did. And
her songs are quite catchy, too.

This is quite a long entry - not just because its all
about me mentally dressing/undressing celebrities, but
there's one more thing.

After literally months of ceaseless waiting, the new
Stephen Jones album came out this week. Its gone back to
his original sound, so its going to be difficult to get
into (Its not the easiest of things to like straight off)
but his falsetto has improved, and I'm really really the
happiest man about right now. Maybe that's why I'm looking
at young French women's bottoms and singing along with
them. I hope not, I've enjoyed doing that, I'd like to
carry on.

WILT? In A Room - Dodgy.