Cosmic Rain
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2003-03-07 12:27:29 (UTC)

Who The???

I'm sure I came here for a reason? Not sure what it is
now...Shit time goes fast..Tis already 11pm..Just talking
to Cheryl and she asked if I like Annie??? Who the fuck is
Annie Cheryl?? Annie that comes to mind when I
hear the name is "Annie get ya funs..oops guns.." Damn
pinkle gets out of control when I type too fast. Waiting on
the Cheryl to tell me who Annie is. *taps fingers*
Hahahahah..she meant the musical. Now the freaking song
Tomorrow is stuck in the head. Hmmmm I have a copy of that

I finally recorded two of the new songs. Sat down tonight
and actually tried to do them in full. And I think I kind
of did. So that is good. I just wish I could drum and play
other instruments same time. Make it a lot easier to fill
in bits and peices. Maybe I should have another jam with
Bren and Bryan and get them to fill in bits. But I'm back
to my stage of writing more. Wanting to write more. SO I
better stick to it while it lasts. Is it bad to sing your
own songs while out??? I keep catching myself singing the
newest song..Sometimes it happens, but passed 2 days been
singing it a bit..Ahhh ze well...

I'm totally overrrrr chocolate at the moment. Some odd
reason I got a total craving for it while pmsing..Maybe it
has happened before and I haven't noticed. But Sheryl with
an S was talking about craving chocolate and she was all
pmsy and I realised I was craving choccie too and pmsy..I
managed to like pig a pack of fun pack Crunchy bars in two
days..*oink oink* I'm over lolliesssssssss and I have
stacks around, me after the movies and the lollie shop and
I don't want them now. I will have to hide them. Just
seeing them makes me feel sickies. Serves me right for
craving choccie. I'll have to knock that in the head next

Now I'm back to why am I here again. I have lost my
thoughts...Nothing unusual. I'm sure I lost my mind here

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