Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-03-07 12:10:34 (UTC)

hey to all my fans out there

this diary entry is to all my fans out there
i will list just a few of them:

well thats that done

now seriously:

Eb - oh cousin of mine what would i do without you primal
torments to visit you in that oh so god damn far away place
Skye - always a fan of you danika and bill
amber - love your work girl always will
beck - good luck in life you are one top chick and always
will be
yoley - flatmat of mine
jocelyn - my little sis keep reading this you will learn
interesting shit
jodie - you are the unknown fan in this list keep reading
i will keep chattin
this is just the first list like this of many if i have
forgotten you just tell me by a message and as always
everyone should be leaving me one if they read this its
just curtosy

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