2003-03-07 10:33:52 (UTC)

Wedding Bells 2007


k feel better now....

so if you never read my diary before this one read it
first...go now...hurry...

k...if you read it then good...i'm just writing in this
diary because i talked to my pretend internet boyfriend
chris sanchez on msn right now!! ahhh hes so cute i wanna
lick his face! hes a total fucking dork like me its not
even funny...he's a huge x-files and buffy fan and movie
fan and hes totally nerdy and a film major and cute and
spanish (hes half-columbian, half-spanish)!! ahhh i could
just be making stuff out of nothing but if this doesn't
work out with mr.sanchez im seriously turning into a nun
and becoming a lesbian...but we left it at we totally have
to meet up and talk in person and give each other blow
jobs (well i added that in now he doesn't know that but
that's ok shhhhh no talk)like seriously im extrememly getting way too excited over this...i need to
masturbate right now or i might start seriously setting
wedding plans (what kind of suits would alex and ray and
aldirto look good in? and would natalie like a pink dress
or baby blue with yellow stripes?) omg i think i just
peeed my pants...oh no (laughs) jann just spilled water on
me...silly jann!

k love you all