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2003-03-07 09:10:05 (UTC)

le discoteque and the boys of winter

its been quite a while since i've written in this
invisible diary of mine...apparently alot of people are
pissed that im not keeping up with it...apparently alot of
people have no lives (cough, alex, cough) here we

first we have jason...i've neglected him...i need to call
him to avoid being

i need to call lisa and romina...yup totally...

um so on to five from la notte before...i had so much fun
at five with jo and shitfaced alex and aldirto (even
though he's turned into an oddball of sorts lately and him
and natalie fought tonight and i want to know what
happened) jo is absolutlely insane...her humping owen
on stage was amazing...she also snorted coke for the first
time and is so upset by it because she doesn't remember
doing yeah five was fun...even though i
saw justin (who was the guy i first fooled around with in
septemeber...hes the one who comes up to me and asks for a
cigarette, then tells me im hot??? INSANE FUCKING FOR
REAL HO...then theres alex from russia who seemed way to
happy and fake for my tastes...then theres mike who again
came up to me to tell me hes a loser and that he screwed
DICKNOSE...alex made out with 6 guys that wonder
he has coldsores all over his mouth...dan/mark/tim is the
ony guy who i made out with and i called him all those
names by accident...whatever useless give me a real
boyfriend...omg interruption...


so chris sanchez my boyfriend of three years sent me
another e-mail this week...that's 4 e-mails kids, 4!
we're so getting married! omg i can already see the cake
with strawberries and shortcake all mixed into one and a
picture of natalie bending over with blood coming out of
her punani imprinted on the cake...what a celebration! so
yeah i want to meet him because he seems so dorky...he has
a buffy collection! hahaha...sigh my internet pretend
boyfriend of three years is so the time he
brought me flowers and chocolate at school in lily's film
theory class...he was so sweet...he came dressed up in a
big like awwww chris sanchez! you are so cute!
so yeah he wants to work on my movie with jo...yeah you
can come as long as you be my boyfriend ha haha hahaha
hahahaha hahaha haha ha...oh and that time he brought me
dildos at work and stuck one up my ass! we've shared so
much together...OMG jann's back! hey jann how are things
good to hear tell tony i said hi!

so back to five...yeah so then me and alex and jo ditched
aldirto and ricardo and mike (ill!) and other people of no
names and went to hong shing for greasy food! yay! i got
fat and jo told me i have a pasty stomach...super! good
times! i then came home to masturbate to porn featuring
zack and dusty...they make good sex together those two...

so today i woke up and ate fruit...took pictures of
mikayla that little tonka truck and worked out for so long
only to come home and eat pizza! then we
celebrated my sisters b-day and she turned 30 and paul
bought her an amazing really is fucking
awesome...why am i talking about a ring? anyhoos then me
alex and ray the bastard from ecuador who totally gave
anthony the finger (yay for ray! yay for ray! goooooo
ray!! whoooo clap whoooo) we went to zippers first and saw
owen and dan and ignored them (yay for us! yay for us!
goooooo us!! whoooo clap clap whooo)...then we went to
tangos and watched people sing karaoke and lesbians are
fun and watched pablo win a dvd player! congrats pablo!
then we went to zippers and danced just the three of us
like fucking hardcore nipple suckers from east berlin! we
are so cool! who wants to touch me? im available for
parties! call me we'll do anal sex!

so now i just ate fruit like a cow...i ate so much
fruit...a whole plates worth...i can feel the vitamins and
minerals...whooo im feeling finer then the two black guys
making out on the couch at zippers! let me tell
you all a story...

i've never told anyone this ever...not even
natalie knows this but i feel like i need to get it
out...shit its so hard to write what im about to write but
i need to tell you guys guys are all so close to
me so i just want you guys to know everything about
me...about 3 weeks ago I fuck

k bye


p.s. i love stealing protein bars from super freshmart! it
rocks hardcore!

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