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2003-03-07 06:53:57 (UTC)

Today has gone by very very..

Today has gone by very very slow. There was nothing really
to look forward too since Cory was gone today and I had
practice after school. And Practice is taking everything
out of me. It can be so boring sometimes, just sitting
there. But I did want to be in the musical so I better get
used to it. The show goes down in April, so I have a whole
month of all of this. You know, for being a munchkin, we
have a bunch of parts. We play like a main role in it. I
mean we have to be there 4 days out of 5. Well at least Im
not Dorthy or I would be there everyday and that would
really kill me then.
I am glad though that I have practice. Because Cory leaves
for two weeks pretty soon and so I gotta keep busy until he
comes back. I think I have Tech practice and works days in
that time. And holey crap I have a work day on the day of
the party. NOOOOOOOO! Well it doesnt matter, they will both
work out. But at least Cory gets to spend somereal quality
time with his dad. It is really kewl that they can have a
relationship after all this time. I think it is something
Cory needed in his life.
Off of all of that. I really dont know what else to talk
about except everyone I know is getting pregnant and it is
really really scary. I feel like crying because they are
becoming big. I know of three of my friends who are
pregnant. Like I always say, safe sex is NO sex! (lol)
sorry bout that. I used to say that a lot but I dont
anymore. I want to be there as best as I can for my
friends. There is one I cant even be with because she is so
far away. It really really sucks but I just want her to
know that we are all here for you in Cali. We want youto
know that if you ever need anything, you know who to call.
Well now that I have yacked and yacked I will let you all
Ps. WATCH Corky Ramano, the best movie! (lol)
Love you guys

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