forever changing
2003-03-07 04:59:58 (UTC)

my guess was right

i finally know what is goin on with david and i brought
this knowlege all on my own. i kept asking and trying to
figure it out and now he finally answereed me flat out yeah
he still likes me and he told me that he almost regrets
breaking up with me. he asked me if i still liked him and i
told him that it was a difficult question when he asked why
i told him "because when you broke up with me i never
really got over you before i got together with matt and now
that i am with matt and i love him i'm almost afraid to
explore those feelings at all" then he told me he was sorry
for hurting me and and i tod him not to be sorry and bla
bla bla and so now i know what is really goin on and i
sorta think it would have been easier for ke to deal with
all of this being oblivious to the actual truth but now i
can't i have to go for the night but i will explore this
later so long.