sheesh ya fuck
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2003-03-07 04:18:25 (UTC)


I brought too many storms
sleeping in the eye of the tornado
shake fear like fleas force more to decay
know yourself in forgivness
load it on slow redeem the pressure
ill take it all scraping through tunnels
begging splinters home
and they are in the chemicals
its getting cold death stinch and a carpet kingdom
screaming at time bleeding through days
objects atoms all moving constant in pace
i know though you will drag it out
evrey last breath that im holding on
drag me off this babe
its not me and i hope you feel it
somethings wrong and we cant control it
i feel the rot when its blooming
sipping my heart beats
killing every soul clinging to mine
come away i will rock the blame to death
dont push me home
the boredom under the baseboards scream
understand i am insane

you wont know me untill im dead
im sorry they opened me into every optic ive shuddered in
whole feeling the eyes burn me past recovery
my soul is shading itself away
sorry i cant find the door
let me drown i saw the baptism in bright lights
floodgates into my lungs
bleach me back i cant feel cant work it out
dont let me slip
all of this well
i just love you
want you to see my eyes through yours
i want to look
im just scared as hell
deer in the headlights
dont take me home.
i cant stand anymore.