ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-07 03:48:39 (UTC)

flubbergustinedingly pointless

geez this whole thing about 'saturday night's festivites'
is so frickin pointless. they're making it out to be this
horrible thing that'll go on our permanent records when
itz not. ugh. oh well. i'm not saying that i don't deserve
any punishment because i was there, though not for long,
and i did know that david and jason were gonna be there.
none of us know who squeaked. ehhhhh.

i've decided that guys are a waste of time. they're
pointless. they're never satisfied. once they get what
they want, they complain and go for something else. wow
why didn't i realize this before. ehhh. there's a first
time for everything. i think adam's a great guy. really i
do. but there's something about him...maybe itz cuz i
don't know him that well yet. so why the heck am i
introducing him to mom? oh yeah, cuz i already met his
mom. i seriously need to lighten up. too much stress.

finally bought my prom ticket. didn't buy adam's yet.
gotta get some info from him. mom's coming up this weekend
w/ my dress. now i can experiment w/ my hair. great. what
fun. gives me something to do while i'm on downtown
restriction. heh.

oh what i would give to live life in innocence. do what
you're told, never break any rules, please everybody.
wait, that's just being a doormat. nevermind.

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