my life, my love and my happiness?
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2003-03-07 03:27:24 (UTC)

sleep all i want is sleep

so i went shopping with my mom yesterday and it was a
fucking hassle. ughh i couldent find the shirt i needed
and it all cost like $200. i have to pay my mom back. and
i dont want to. so the taco dinner was last night to. i
wanted to go but i had this fun shit to do. ughh i am
starting tomarow and i am like shitting my pants. i dont
wanna work any more. i started my medicin and it is great.
i love it. i am so happy all the time. wohoo. i dont
really sound like it right now but it is b/c i am
exausted. and yeah i am going to the GC concert with amber
on april 27th. i cant wate. i hope i am back from vaca by
then. cuz i really wanna go. and umm john took me to the
mall i got shoe laces and chinese food. and ummm my list
of cds for his stupid bitch to burn for me. and he bought
me a pack of ciggs. very nice. and i got home and got in
the shower and he was playing momopoly the whole time he
was here. i did laundry and now i want to go to bed so i
will tt yall somw time... later skaters im out.

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