2003-03-07 02:30:40 (UTC)

Is he my Love?/ TRUST

I got this new Boyfriend his name is Johnny we got together
on the 28 of feb. and i really like him is soo nice and
sweet. Well i like him a lot and he wrote me a letter
saying he likes me soo much he might even love me. And i am
usually scared of that word but when he says it i feel all
good inside. I no i am still young but when i with him i
feel soo good. we have been going out for a week and i no
that is not a long time but..... i just dont no how to
explain it. There are these girls at my skool that i think
like him and are always trying to get his attention and all
that stuff. And i trust him i mean we have no problems
trusting him but these girls have done that before and
accually got the other guy. i mean they even stool my best
friends man. And i am soo afraid that they will do that to
him. I watch Him play football sometimes and i see him out
there and i just want to go and give him a huge hug and
just spend tme with him. I want to just have a luch with
just me him his best friend and my best friend steph. But i
am afraid to ask him for that. i have no idea what to do?!?