Deep Thoughts; yeah right.
2003-03-07 02:18:36 (UTC)

finally, a change

right. so me and my bf of over 2 years broke up over a
month and a half ago. for awhile i was pretty upset about
it - took it kinda hard, but, i have definitly gotton over
it. it might sound kind of depressing, but i went through
all my stuff and got rid of all of the stuff that reminded
me of him. it sounds kind of permenant, but i know that we
won't get back together - after all, we both go seperate
ways for college in a couple months anyway, and it seems
more like i'm not hanging on to the memory of "us" if i get
rid of all the stuff.

so anyways - to the good part :)

There's this guy that i like right now,...and my sources
tell me that he likes me too..but about a month and a half
ago he got out of a long term relationship too. i'm not
sure if i should wait a little bit - becuase i know that
I'M over my past, but i'm not sure if he is. we've talked a
bit, definitly flirt a lot, but i'm not sure what comes
next. he seems so shy, and i don't know if it's just what's
going on right now for him, or if he's usually like that.
do i wait for him to make a move, or should i? i'm not
sure. he's so cute! I had forgotten how fun it was to "not
know" - the suprise/suspense of the whole thing - it's been
awhile since i've had this feeling. maybe i should just
wait it out..but i also don't want him to become un-
interested...i'm not sure. hopefully something good will

on wednesday...i got my belly button pierced. me. of all
people. i've always been this goody-goody, but i've been
thinking about it for awhile, and i asked around,
researched about it on the internet, and i just decided to
do it on wednesday. i went by myself, and i was pretty
nervous. yes, it did hurt. but i was expecting it to, so it
wasn't some big shock. it sorta hurts right now, but it
looks sooo awesome - i would definitly get it done, if i
had to re-do it. i just hope my parents don't find out - i
would be in so much trouble. they didn't even let me get my
ears pierced - yes, i am 18. hmmm. if i make it through
the summer, it'll be alright, ...good luck to me! :)