Worcs Of A Dangerus Mind
2003-03-07 01:54:18 (UTC)

for no Reason

ok lets try this agian, i just wrote my fingures off
writing shit in here, and them my comp goes IM GAY, and i
lost it all.
so here i am typing it all over agian.
ever since i started this thing, an online diary, it
seems that everyone else is doing it to. but the problem is
that everyone is writing them in they way they want people
to read them...u shouldnt want people to read it in the 1st
place and if u dont care about that, u should write what u
want people to read but what u want to write. i no i do it
as well, i find that i write this in pretty much the same
style as Kurt Cobain's journals... i think it is that i
just dont want people to actually know what is going on w.
me. I mean it is my brain, my thoughts. i dont like the
thought of aloowing people to Rape my mind...also i find
myself in writers block cause i have changed my standards
of music, all the music i used to write, i dont anymore. i
want to write like kurt, and thats y i cant write at all.
so for all u others out there, write on ur own, make ur own
style, u will get known faster.
i am alone.
ok laitly everyone has been, well bitching at me for
falling in love to much, and to fast......but is that
truely possible. is it true love if u didnt love at 1st
i remember the 1st time i ever saw lindsey, when she
walked into my 5th hour, physical science class. hair up,
face down, books rapped in arms. her last name is helms, so
the teacher sat her next to me. i have loved her ever since
then, even now, my fingers type this very word w/ love for
her going threw me.
i also remember the 1st time w/ christine. i rmember i
was walking to lunch, my friend (i think it was barbee)
said "dood this chick likes u, Christine Sonnier". i was
like wth is that. and they spent the rest of the day
telling me about her, so i agreed to date her anyways, i
asked her for her phone number to call her, but her step
dad wouldnt allow phone calls, or b/f's (hahaha fuck off
Kyle). i also remember hitting her best friend in the face
w/ a torn baseball plate cause i got upset cause everyone
else got mad that i didnt kiss her in reccess. i also
remember holding christines hand at the top row of the gym
bleechers all durring an accembly, and being nervous cause
it was a huge deal. WOW and i remmeber us breaking up and
going back out over and over and over and over agian, must
have been at least 6 times, for stupid reasons...and she
had this little picture of my face that she called
her "little Corey". We went to the state capital for our
Field Trip that year, i remember me getting lost from my
group, so i just went w/ her. and i remmeber me and her
best friend getting lost together. HLY CRAP i remmeber i
bought her this chocolate from the top, a gift shop. it was
8 dollars for 2 candy bars....the bars were melted by the
end of the day, and it was like just a liquid. i remeber
going on a student council meeting, and afterwards we went
and ate at Ryan's. we had an ice-cude fight and i almost
got PELTED w/ a huge chunk of ice. then when we left we
thought we were so cool cause we left our OWN tip, with a
note to the waiter. I also remember us still going out the
next year, and i had world history w/ her best friend,
Elizabeth, and all we did was talk about her...i could
swear Elizabeth liked me. Good God i just amazed myself
from remembering all that...

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