humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2003-03-07 00:14:00 (UTC)

k, so i havent even seen ke in..

k, so i havent even seen ke in a couple days and like yeah
whatev, nothing is gonna happen and even tho i wouldnt want
one of my friends with him for his sake, it would be good
for whoever he eneded up with like, yeah we screw guys over
but they do it back and he is a good guy so u know someone
deserves that and like stevo is a good guy and like i like
him so much and i love being with him and the more i am
with him the more attached i get which isnt a good thing
and i know that in a couple of months its all gonna end
anywayz but i want to have it while i can, everything
about him is becoming everything i need, and i dont want to
hurt him or anything like that but like ok, he isnt gonna
go to prom and i have a date alread anywayz, mark, some guy
i have met twice but is way cool and hes funny and just
yeah i dunno but whatev, im gonna go ....peace

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