A New Hope
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2003-03-06 21:33:02 (UTC)


Found my way into a burnt circle,
A crop of blackness,
Surrounded by yellow-brown bliss,
Searching for a hidden meaning,
Inside the dilated abyss.

Climb inside the yellow inferno,
Created by tortured light and scorched smoke,
A brown shell announces the burn,
The pupil is a crisp,
It keeps me there, it won't let me turn.

Become lost, frozen in ice,
Then a shift happens,
Thrown away, out of the fire,
Covered in puss and blood,
All because of this yellow-brown saphire.

Tears drip around me,
I bed to pick myself up,
Lick myself clean like a Cat would,
Granted the thrill of the saphire, again,
Tainted with puss and blood.