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2003-03-06 20:36:50 (UTC)

March 6, 2003

Today has been an OK type of day. Nothing to terribly
interesting has happened really. But ADA is
TOMORROW!!!!!!!! You know that does sound kinda weird since
i live in ada and it just sounds like i am saying that my
town is tomorrow! but for all of who dont know ADA is a
young speaker's meeting that the congregation here in Ada
hosts. And everyone is invited to come. If you need more
information about it just send me a reply on here and i'll
inform ya about it! It just seems so weird that it is
tomorrow. it seems like just yesterday it was last year's
meeting. There are two girls from arkansas staying at my
house that i have no clue who they are. and one of them is
bringing her little brother who is about to turn 17. I was
talkin with my mom and i think that she said his name was
louie....maybe.:-/ but hey maybe we have a new person to
hang out with us! I met so many new people at new years and
maybe i will be a bunch more at our meeting. Well i gues i
will let every one who reads this go even though i get to
sit here in class and do absloutely nothing for about 20
more minutes. later all