lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2003-03-06 20:21:58 (UTC)

i got engaged

ok not really...that would be cool. but at least i got a
pretty ring :-D i got my class ring today & it looks
pretty much like i expected but it's cute so i'm excited to
have it. yippee hooray.

hmm...well lately i haven't had any "fun" entries...i had a
ton last year; just little descriptions of everything we
did or whatever. i guess there's not much that's happened
lately that deserves a description. not that things are
bad...they're just nondescript. plus i'm currently a
little ticked off with eve for taking the darn apple and
cursing me with a special friend we call aunt sally. rar.

haha but it truly is all chill. we're leaving for mexico
in less than a week...WHOA! yeah. and there's some high
questionability about me going to guatemala...but it's one
of those things i'm not even worrying about. God's been
working that whole trip out sooo well that i know He's got
the team figured out anyway.

uhh i got robbed by a middle-schooler. bleh.

i need to go underwear shopping.

i still don't have an opinion on the don't ask.