ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-03-06 20:10:22 (UTC)

What a day......

ok so maybe today wasn't as bad as it could have been. I
actually got a shower in this morning and got breakfast
(omg hell has just frozen over). english wasn't too bad--
for once i actually chimed in a few times. piano got
cancelled this morning = more practice time!

i actually ate something for lunch (a little sandwich)
just so margaret doesn't run to nurse gail about me not
eating a lot. i know she's looking out for me but i never
ate much in the first place. why worry now?

adam called me last night. i think he's getting a little
annoyed with me. ehhh....i always drive guys away one way
or another. he said that he's gonna come visit me tomorrow
night. mom's coming up saturday and adam's joining us for
dinner. great. i'm hoping she'll be civil to him. *crosses

well turns out that i only have a week of downtown
restriction which isn't too bad. margaret, jason and david
have two weeks. rachel, maggie and abby have a week too.
well...that spoiled their plan to take me out this
weekend. oh well. we can do that another time (when we're
all NOT on downtown restriction).

ehhh...michelle wrote something really nice:

When it comes right down to the event, the moment in time,
there is suddenly a vast difference between what you vowed
to do, what you are willing to do, and eventually what you
will allow yourself to do. There is always a crossroad
where choices are made. There is always a bridge that once
crossed, must be burned. There is always a point of no

beautiful hon!