random scribbles
2003-03-06 18:49:02 (UTC)

You know you're growing up in North London when...

You cite the top of Primrose Hill and South Bank as your
top 2 romantic spots

Your first clubbing experience was aged 15 at
Bubbalicious or Mad Ball (depending
on musical preference)

And the first time you got really drunk was in a park
with your friends and a
bag full of alcopops

You live within five minutes of a branch of Starbucks

Even though you know it's evil, you drink a lot of coffee
from that Starbucks

You know at least 2 families who have Agas in their
homes, but don't use them

You can recite the Northern Line map off by heart

You've visited nearly all the countries in Western
Europe, but you have no idea where Worcestershire is

At least 50% of your year was rejected from Bristol

You can name all the families in Ramsey Street

You understand the reference in the previous sentence

You have a favourite dish at Wagamamas

You know what the following words mean: boidem, wah blo, lean, bill
up, nang.

You hate going south of the river... except to visit the
Tate Modern, of course.