I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-03-06 17:56:49 (UTC)


Spring has sprung. It's yet another gorgeous day in
Florida. I've been catching random whiffs of orange
blossoms while driving with the windows down and John
Mayer blaring on the stereo. This is why people live in

I feel like I haven't really written anything of substance
lately. It's probably because I haven't. I've been busy
with work and school and the anticipation of CA. I did get
Erin a job with me, so at least she'll have a little
income while looking for her path. And that's good.

The middle of my bottom lip is still numb. I just don't
understand. I think I have lip cancer. Hmmm....

I have a feeling that my life is going to be changing
after I get back from CA. I'm going to be looking into
getting those things that grownups have...things like cars
and places of their own. I have also decided that I'll be
in a new job by June. I'll keep going where I am right now
so that I get the bookkeeping (