Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
2003-03-06 16:50:35 (UTC)

A little about me...

I know it's a lame start to an online diary, but I figured
if anyone (that's a big IF) is going to read my entries,
he/she may as well know something about me.
Well, my name's Karrie, 19 years old and living in
Australia. But I'm not Australian. I love singing, writing,
reading, music and hanging with friends. I work and go to
Uni. Hmm... i love watching Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Dark
Angel, and Roswell (if I can catch it). ER... hmm...
there's no use getting to any personality stuff 'cause
that'll prob'ly come out through my entries. I do hope that
I get to post more often that I write in my actual personal
diary (which I've only written on today after... more than
a month). I have two brothers, one older and one younger.
Anywayz, I don't have a boyfirend (though I'm not entirely
sure if that's necessary here), and I have a very
imaginative mind that allows me to fantasize a lot of
things (specifically boyz). That's prob'ly why I wanted to
do a Professional Writing course at Uni (not the
fantasizing boyz part! - the imaginative mind part. :)) So
you guyz might wanna hang out for some stories comin', if
i'm in the mood for writin' somethin'.
Erz... I think I should log out for now... It's kindda late
for me now, so I gotta get to sleep. I have somewhere to go
tomorrow, and I wanna be rested for the day. Have a great

C ya'll!!