Remember to Breathe
2003-03-06 16:27:03 (UTC)

four or more

Once more I am confused. I went over to Smith hall today
to help Matt study for our Comm 102 test. Matt and his
friends were so stoned when I got there that there was no
way he would learn anything. I just chilled, passed up on
smoking with them. I am glad they are careful, since they
are in the dorms and everything. They put a towel under
the door and blew their smoke through a paper towel roll
with a piece of dryer sheet over the end. I stayed there
until about two a.m. Then I decided it was time to call
it a night, which may have been a mistake. As I was
having Matt walk me down to the lobby, Brett was walking
down the hall in our direction (headed towards the party
room). Matt asked him if he was coming over and he
said "yeah, I was thinking about it". Then, he looked at
me and said "are you leaving?". After I said yes, he
said "oh, well have a good night then". I wanted to jump
over and kiss him so badly. Dammit. But, instead I went
home to a cold bed and a sleeping roommate. Nothing new I

"Please tell me you're just feeling tired. 'Cause if it's
more than that I feel that I might break. Out of touch.
Out of time. Please send me anything but signals that are
mixed, 'cause I can't read your rolling eyes. Out of
touch. Are we out of time?"
-Dashboard Confessional
"Again I Go Unnoticed"

One more quote before I go.
"What is worse, saying something and wishing you hadn't,
or saying nothing and wishing you had?"