Life's Like This
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2003-03-06 15:33:03 (UTC)

*My Best Friend*

Connie is the best! I've never had a friend like her
ever before. Me and her have been best friends since 9th
grade; and we're pretty much sisters. We do everything
together, and neither of us has ever hesitated to tell
each other everything. I trust her with my life.
I first started talking to Connie after a fight in 7th
grade, in lunch our Freshman year when she got mono. We
had started talking, and from that day forward were
Connie and I are almost complete opposites, but not in
the same way. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, tho
shez only an inch or two taller than me. She likes to
dress comfy...jeans and a sweatshirt most everyday...while
I like to dress nice most of the time.
After I had worked at the Pizza House for about a year,
she decided that she wanted a job, so we worked together,
(and wuit together for that manner) for a while...and soon
afterwards I started working at Mt. Haven as a busser, and
a few months later she decided to work there too. (And
we're both still there).
We've gone thru thick and thin together, and I can't
think of a time when she wasn't there for me...which is a
lot, cuz High School IS very hard to get thru! {Hey, I'm a
teenager!} Oftentimes I end up going thru situations that
she had already been thru...but finally we're on the same
page. {lol} I honestly can't think of a single time since
we became friends again, when we were in a fight, of
course we fight about things, but not the way other people
do...we never go thru those awkward times when we're mad
at each other...cuz itz impossible! We can pretty much
read each others' minds, and can't keep anything from the
other matter how good we cover it up.

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