Life's Like This
2003-03-06 15:23:18 (UTC)


G.A.I.T. - Genuine Alternative In Therapy

GAIT is one of the best things that has ever happened to
me. It gave me an entirely new perspective on life, and
also helped me decide on what I'd like to major in,
Physical Therapy.
My friend Diana {who moved to NY :o( }, first brought
me to GAIT in 2000. I couldn't even have thought how much
it would change my life. GAIT ended up being my "safe
place"...{as me and Chris came up with}.

What is G.A.I.T.?
It is a new form of Physical Therapy, in which disabled
(or other) children and adults can attend. You can benefit
from GAIT in so many helps with balance,
patience; things physically and mentally.
GAIT is set up into classes. We now have 7 "GAIT
Horses", so we can have up to 7 riders at a time. The
classes are an hour total; half an hour on the horse, and
half an hour in the "classroom", once a week. The
classroom activities are more basic, such as working on
fine and major motor skills. GAIT would not be possible
without our NARHA certified instructor, Martha, and the
Volunteering has given me such a sense of pride.
Watching the riders develop over the time, and knowing
that I helped make it possible for them, is overwhelming.
I plan on taking courses when I turn 18 to become
certified by NARHA, and help teach classes.
GAIT has 7 horses; Diggy (herd leader and new addition
to the classes - Lena's horse), Halee (ex-police horse -
Connie's horse), Beau (our new Paint - my horse), Missy
(our white speckled quaterhorse - Merle's horse), Tiger
(our white Arabian - Jan's horse), Fudge (our
little "pony" - Charlie's horse), and Lady Kai (our
stubborn beauty - Diana's horse).