Life's Like This
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2003-03-06 15:08:21 (UTC)

~*Get to know me*~

Hey! Itz me, ChrissyTina! {My all-famous nickname}. I'm
17 years old (B-day: Jan 12th) I live in Milford,
Pennsylvania...a small "historic" town... with nothing to
do thatz not 45 minutes away. How do I pass my time?
Well, I volunteer up at the barn {G.A.I.T. Genuine
Alternative in more about that in my
G.A.I.T. entry} I love to be up at the barn, and I LOVE
horses!! Horseback riding happens to be my fav hobby,
which is one way I pass the time around here. My next fav
place would have to be 7th Street Coffee. {I love coffee!}
Dave and Craig (the owners), and Joe and Alyson {co-
workers} are awesome... itz just a great lil place to hang
out with friends, or just go to be alone for a while.
I have a few best friends; Connie's my BEST friend - I
can tell her anything, shez like a sister to me...we spend
most of our time together {more on Connie in my Best
Friend entry}...I dunno what I'd do without her. I have a
few other really close friends; Kathleen, Jen, Chris, and
As far as pets, I have 2 horses, an Appalusa named Jay,
and a quarterhorse (my baby!) named Sport. I have a mixed-
breed dog, Muggsey, 2 cats- a calico named Patches and a
black cat named sister has a Japanese figthing
fish named Blue/Pirhana, and I recently got a Tetra (only
1 fish so far) named Bubba.
Learn all about my family in the "My Family" entry.
Well, you want to know about me...letz start with
looks. I'm 5'2 (I know, I know...short..but I love being
short!), I have long dirty-blonde hair, hazel (sometimes
deep green) eyes, ande I weigh somewhere around 120 lbs.
I personally think I'm pretty...and I am...maybe not hott,
but I like the way I look anyhow.
I've recently become fairly confident in myself...
which proves the saying true, cuz I am getting a lot more
attention. ;o) Oh, and I'm not one of those people you can
tell exactly what I'll do next...the only person that
knows me well enough in this etire world is Connie... so
you never know what to expect next with me. You should
know that I drive myself crazy...and that i can be very
shy sometimes...ok, most of the time (when it comes to
making a movewith guyz especially).
I'm in 11th grade at DVHS (Delaware Valley High
School) I plan on majoring in Physical Therapy...and am
leaning towards Hartford College at the moment. And I
don't plan on slacking off my senior year either...I'm
pretty serious about college, and I've heard WAY too many
times that slacking off senior year is the worst thing you
could do. Just for proof, I'm taking 2 science classes:
Anatomy&Physiology, and Physics; I'm taking 2-3 social
studies classes (they're 1/2 year classes), Sociology,
Physchology, and maybe Geography. Of course I'll be taking
chorus...(I love to sing)...then you havta take 1/2 year
of gym, year of English. I'm taking a Pre-Calc class over
the summer, so I can take Calculus next year. I'm no
***Just so you know, I'll be updating this periodically.

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