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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2003-03-06 15:02:38 (UTC)

Driving and talking on the phone makes MY dad mad

At this point, my life is still pathetic. Though i'm not
suicidal or depressed (i was, at some point), i guess i'm
living life... normally? It's so plain that i don't know..
i have no comment about it at all. No biggie. I guess i'm
sorta happy? Well, I'm certainly not sad... Had a few
laughs today. Now? Expressionless. I guess i'm glad i made
it through another day. Uh, i was supposed to have a
presentation today... but i didnt. Yeah... hmm... so... oh
yeah. I was pretty uh... confused. ???? My dad scolded me
today. You see, i was driving to school and i got a phone
call. So, i acted on impulse. Any normal person would do
it involuntarily. Right! ANSWER THE PHONE! And, guess who?
It's my dad! He asked whether i was driving or not and i
said, "Yeah, i'm driving. Why are youlling me?". Then, he
asked whetehr i was using handsfree and i said no. And, he
re-asked the question whether i was driving again! I
said, "Yeah". AND he sounds er.. hmm... agitated(?) and
said, "You're driving and you're also talking on the phone
without handfree?" I was pretty baffled at that question.
I mean, HE's the one who called and he scolded me for
answering his phone?!?!? I feel like cursing but i'm
refraining myself from doing so. Say whatever you want,
but i dont care. It's MY freaking diary. Anyway, i said to
him, "You're the one who called!". I'll just put it in
DAD: And you're still talking on the phone?
ME: (I forgot what i said... guess i was stumped by his
too intelligent question which only geniuses could
So, that's about it. I guess. I really have no idea what
we said after all those. I hung up a little while after
that. Yeah... so, i guess THAT is pretty INTERESTING,
right? I think i might not forget this incident for the
rest of my life..... I am getting more and more pissed
because i got scolded for such a stupid thing.... I think
i'll leave before i start writing things i shouldn't be
writing about my dearest daddy here, to show the whole
world... IF the whole world wants to know... Whatever...