Life's Like This
2003-03-06 14:45:22 (UTC)

March 6th, 2003 {Guyz}

Well, where to begin? I hate being in the position where
you think you like someone...but you're not sure how they
feel about you. Alright, to get right down to it, I have
this friend, Rob. We've been friends {but not all that
close} for a couple of months now... and I can safely say
that he flirts with me... but then you have all the
comments where everyone's not sure if hez gay or not...
which I don't think he is. Anywayz... This all started
last Friday at Open Mic Night... he started hanging out
with me and my friends (hez only even seen one of them,
Kathleen, and he doesn't know her very well)... at this
time I don't have that feeling that I ike him... but my
best friend, Connie, suddenly wispered in my ear that he
was majorly flirting with me, and asking how I knew him
and stuff. Letz look at him... hez not really hot, or
popular, but hez not a nerd, {cute tho}...he has curly
light-brown hair, brown eyes, hez about 5'7" maybe...not
fat, but not really skinny {or chubby for that matter}.
Why I like him?? Hez fun to be with, funny {he has a GREAT
sense of humor}, hez caring, he can be serious, and hez
really out there...he doesn't care what other people might
think about him. Hez a really cool friends like
him {not like-like him, just think hez a good guy}. Hez
also totally opposite from the other guyz I've been going
after...which makes him all the more loveable. ;o) Well,
Connie told me that she definately saw "sparks" at 7th
Street {open mic night}, and that she swears he was
flirting. Now, I have chorus with him...and we both made
it into chamber choir...which means on Tuesday I'll get to
spend the whole day with him {pretty much...we're going to
Harrisburg to sing}. Oh, and I also found out that we're
both doing National History Day {NHD}. So we have a lot
in common. My friends think I should go for it; me and
Connie are pretty much going through the same thing right
now...and she's telling me not to waste the opportunity...
and I know that if I told him, things wouldn't be weird
between us... but I'm shy...if you wanna put it that way.
Even he wouldn't tell me who he liked. I just love that I
can be myself around him...I don't worry about what I look
like, or if I'll say something stupid, cuz we'll both
laugh at it and shrug it off. I just need to know what to
do...I'm so confused. I know everyone will say that I
should go for it, I've got nothing to lose unless I
DON'T... but I need a way to go about it... help!