Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-03-06 13:05:18 (UTC)


I decided on something tonight... I will not say what it is
just now.. but I will discuss something of the reactions of
that decision... Kaelah thinks that it is very very cool.
Gab thinks that it means that I've changed... But I
explained it to her that I haven't and how the only reason
why I have made this decision is becasue I know it won't
change me (it felt special to know that she cared so
much)... and cam knows too but I haven't gotten a clear
reaction from him yet... hmm oh wel... that is that. I read
this script that was given to me be my new mate Phil
(different "Phil" not the same guy), from Uni. It was very
very good I thought.. any ways I've been asked to audition
for this play which is really cool cos that's never
happened to me before. Right now I am listening to "needle
in the hay" by elliot smith.. the first time I heard this
song was in the film "The Royal Tenenbaums" the song was in
the suicide scene... one of the most powerful scenes I have
ever experienced in a film.. very awesome movie.. one of my
favs really.. in this scene the character walks up to the
screen and says "tomorrow morning, I'm gonna kill myself"
and then he grabs a razor blade and rips his arms open..
very brutal. I am very happy right now.. really peaceful
and grateful for my stupid little life.. the end.

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