Randi Lynn

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2003-03-06 11:48:24 (UTC)

I was trying this new..

I was trying this new toothpaste, well actually i used to
use crest alot as a kid, but we switched to aquafresh, but
the gym was giving out free samples so i took one and i used
it this morning and its soo minty it made the tip of my
tounge burn an my eyes water. - 6:53 AM

Its so cold outside. Yesterday going down our driveway, since it
was wet, and my driveway is downhill and very slippery, and very
long, my mom was driveing of course...Well, we started going
down it, and picked up speed, but it was so icy we couldnt stop.
so my mom ran into the snowbanking to stop us, and the rear of
the car slid sidewaise. We made it down the rest of the driveway
fine. And once again ive got the power back in my mind to ac
happy, or at least be pleasant, althoug for some reason i wish it
werent so. ~Dont tell me you love me if you don't really mean it.~
- 2:24 PM

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