All The My Lame Life That's Fit To P
2003-03-06 07:16:27 (UTC)

still still spring break

many thanks to my friend, ben, for letting me borrow his
perfect dark game with expansion pak. i'm sure that will
keep me from my studies for the rest of the semester. my
roommate has a stalker....kinda kinky. the day of awesome
sound equipment is approaching fast. this would also be
the day i go back to houghton and get to see jamie. damn,
i'm lame. its ok though cause she is annoyed by her family
just like me so we're both gonna run away and backpack
through europe. tomorrow i'll be going to the boy scout
meeting and getting blessed by the presence of that sick
bastard, george innes. sure he's been found "not guilty"
of sexual assault like 3 times (probably soon to be 4), but
you have to start to wonder after awhile. i don't think
that fricker should be allowed around as such a role model.

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