A Day in the Life of Me
2003-03-06 04:41:06 (UTC)

raining tears

It's scary when you start to think that if you didn't wake
up tomorrow all would be fine and well. You would never
hurt anyone again, and you wouldn't feel pain anymore. If I
could cry myself to sleep every night knowing that
something would be better because of it, some little piece
of my heart would be healed then I'd jump at that chance.
If I could find something else to become addicted to that
would take my mind off of whatever ails me and instead
provide me with some form of affection, some attention,
some security I'd leap into it's arms. If I knew every
night when I fell asleep that God was holding me in His
arms, He watched over me and protected me, kept me and gave
me peace of mind, assured me that everything will work out
and be alright, teach me patience in my suffering, comfort
me and wipe every tear that falls from my heart then I'd be
so at rest. You grow and learn perseverance when you are
stretched. You are stretched when you are taken beyond your
limits of comfortable. Perseverance must finish its work so
that you may be mature and complete. Guess I'm just not
strong enough yet.

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