My Everyday Thoughts
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2003-03-06 04:15:35 (UTC)

Snow Day

March 5, 2003

Snow days are wierd. The moment you see that you are
delayed or closed, there is this weird excitement that
lasts for about an hour or so and fades as soon as boredum
strikes..We got closed today. It was nice to be off.
Church was pretty good tonight too. Pastor Dave spoke
about Love and how we should all love everyone. I am
finding it very hard lately to love everyone. I hope that
doesn't mean I am some horrible person. P. Dave said The
most time you invest in something or someone reveals how
much you love it. How true is that. How can you love or
care for someone that you don't spend anytime with, or
know at all. I hate to talk about Phil yet again but.. he
doesn't know me.. at all. He doesn't know what really
makes me happy, what makes me tick. He doesn't know my
passions and my pet pieves. He doesn't understand why I
get so upset and what can calm me down. I just wished he
would stop playing games with me ya know? Decide already.
well I'm going to bed. We will definetly have school
tomorrow, so I need to sleep.. Oh yea.. Ski trip in a
week.. Sooooo can't wait!