Chicken Scratch
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2003-03-06 02:21:56 (UTC)


Work is really
pissing me off lately. It's crazy. You can't rely on
anybody, and I'm real sick of taking the heat for other
people's mistakes. People are friggen fuck-ups, and these
are the people who work in our back offices, the one's who
don't talk to customers. I have to cean up and save face
for them. Friggen assholes.

Today marks the start of Lent, and I'm at a quandry. In
the past, I've always given up something that makes me
happy, with the intention of going back to it after
Easter. I had intentions of giving up coffee (could you
imagine?) or sweets, or something. At church on Sunday,
for the first time in my life, I was made aware that you
are supposed to give something up that is causing you pain
in your life; something that you really need to give up for
the rest of your life. I never knew that before,
and this is after 7 years of catholic schooling.

So I don't know. I haven't given anything up. I can't
think of anything to change. Maybe it will come to me
sometime during this Lenten season. We shall see.

Nothing else today. TTFN!

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