Brad`s Journal
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2003-03-06 01:27:07 (UTC)

Looking into my future

Looking into the future....................................
I am trying to look into the future and see I will ever
have a girlfriend that will love me and not cheat on me!!
Right now it’s hard to say because, I feel like shit and I
feel like the world is coming to an end at least in my
life. I am just sick and tired of people always stabbing me
in my back. Maybe my problem is that I’m too nice to
people. I am the type of person who would do anything for
anyone. If someone needed a shirt in the middle of winter
in thirty degree weather I would give that person the shirt
right off my back. That’s just the type of guy I am. Some
people use me being a nice guy to their advantage. But see
the thing is I can be mean but I cannot stay mean. Unless
someone stabbed me in the back then I can be a prick I will
admit that. But as far as staying mad at someone for
something else I can’t do that because that is not my
nature. I am always outgoing I am just a friendly person.
Some people like I’ve said before take advantage of that.
For example, at work I am the only person who will work a
double shift. We have Three other people who could work
them but they don’t then they ask me and I can’t say no. I
have worked the past 5 double shifts. Okay back on to the
original subject. I look in to the future and I wonder if I
will ever have another person who will love me? I hope so
but something tells me NO!! I just have one question that’s
still unanswered. Are there any honest women left in this
world? If there are then send them my way. If not then I
guess I will be alone the rest of my life.

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