what the hell .........
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2003-03-06 00:52:39 (UTC)

yup Im wicked board

O.k now Ive reach the all time board notch on my bed poast
of life....yup I'm creating my own online diary.
Now If anyone decides to read this I'm just warning ya that
the spelling aint that spectacular.
Well I'm 25 and grew up between the states of New hampshire
( the long country interstate were all you see is beer
barns off the highway going south towards boston)
Massachutsetts is the othere place I have lived. Ya sa; I'm
a true yank.
For some reson ( I'll get into later I'm now living in what
I call cornfeild country ( Delaware ). I'm about 40 min out
of philly which aint too shabby.
I'm a retired juvinial deliquent ( thats also another story
I'll get into later).
I'm grown up but yet to find the adult in me. I still feel
as if I'm 16.It's freaking me out that I'm wicked close to
turning 30...Only 5 years away.
Well heres a little bit about me...I love music...any
type...from zepplin to missy I enjoy it all. Music trivia
Im live Rosie with her tv trivia. It's all usless but
someones got to be.
I couldnt tell you what nationality I am cause really I'm
everything. Irish, jewwish,spanish Italian name another I'm
probley it. I'm a Klans men's worst nightmare. I love it.
I get a kick on pissing people off sometimes, not to the
point of being just plain old mean and hurting others
feelings, I don't do that shit.
Well right now is bathroom break so I'm out. I'll talk to
you when I'm done with my next log.--Stayc

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