Remember to Breathe
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2003-03-05 23:54:27 (UTC)

trilogy of entries

So one more occurrence in the boy-saga. Today I got off
the campus bus to go to my dorm. Upon entering the
Wilkerson complex, I saw him....him....him and his
friend. What I didn't see coming was that when i passed
by him trying eagerly to make eye contact he would just
check out the two beautiful sorority girls walking in
front of me and completely ignore me. *sigh*...oh what
drama....and yes, I know, life goes on and all, but I have
to get through this episode before the next one can
begin. I met a boy last night that just broke up with his
girlfriend of 5 and 1/2 years. He wanted to meet me
through a mutual friend of ours. I'm not really
interested in him, though, he's not my type at all. But,
a potential friend is always nice. Well, I am off to
workout...I want to look nice ya know.

"And you'll be sorry
isn't that what they'll say.
Don't follow your heart cause it just seems to get in your way."
-Dashboard Confessional

p.s...sorry for all the Dashboard, they are just really fitting
right now.

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