A Day In The Life Of Sam
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2003-03-05 23:45:51 (UTC)

Boring Day

hey guys...lets see what happend today...

school was a bore AS USUAL then rehersal came...i could of
beat the shit out of our directors...see i have to do
a "dramatic death" yea and i did it over and over and over
bc it wasnt perfect...and guess what... WE JUS STARTED
TODAY! i was like damn and then they change it at the last
minute and say they want me to fall on kevin i was like
ummm ok u could of told me that shit a long ass time ago
and THEN my leg was killing me the rest of the time so i
was really getting pissed and guess what? get to do it all
ova again tomorrow!!! the thing that pissd me off the most
was the fact that the director was like let me show u and i
was like ok and i swear to god she sounded like she was
havin an orgasm i was like ummm that ok chick!

after rehersal i went ova to JTs house...i helped him with
his algebra and we jus chilled and going ova
there tomorrow to help him too then i might go to the Miss
Raider Pride Pagent...MIGHT being the word bc my mom hasnt
told me if i can go or not..i swear she ALWAYS waits till
the last minute for this shit...AHHH it pisses me off...

O YEA! one more thing that happened today...i got a CD that
this chick amanda borrowed a long time ago (me and her dont
get along anymore so she gave it to whit to give to me)
well i get it bak and its scratched up like fuck...i mean
damn i was pissed...i have to get her cd and give it to her
tomorrow..LMAO it was so funny though..this gurl was at her
locker waiting on her and me and whit where at my locker
and we were jus talkin and the gurl jus says...r u sam? and
i was like yup that be me ...let me guess Amandas told u
about me? and she jus got REALLY this is a lil
note to Amanda-If u wanna talk about me to ur lil friends
go for it i REALLY dont care but as far as the CD...yea im
gunna let Jenn take care of that bc its hers..DAMN that has
gotta suck for u...