Four Rooms
2003-03-05 23:24:17 (UTC)


Well, no one relly cares about my life, so I don't really
know why I'm even bothering to write in here. Maybe it's
because I haven't written in here in a while. Maybe it's
because I think people actually care. Maybe it's because I
want people to feel sorry for me. In any case, I'm writing.
Um... stuff's ok, not great, but ok. I seem to care about
less and less each day. School sucks, but I'm a senior and
I've been accepted to college. So, as long as my grades
don't drop considerably, I'm going somewhere. Relationships
are, well... nonexistant. for some reason, since I broke up
with Amanda in 2000/2001, I haven't been able to keep a
girlfriend more than a month. It's seems like everything I
do in them is wrong. I can't even remember what my point
was, so i'm just gonna give up. I think I might give up too
easily, but I don't know how to fix that...

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