Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-03-05 23:07:29 (UTC)

Bad Day

Well today was just as i expected it to be, Horrible!! I
wish we would have had a snow day, then i could have wasted
my day by sleeping all day! Well tomorrow is a half day and
samantha wants me to go to her house to work on our
science. But see she asked meg first and then shes like
mandy i want you to come too i was like....... ok! Ronny
wrote me back finally!! i talked to david last night, fun!
im gonna be grounded soon. the phone bill is coming, AHHH!!
I love this song....... bowling for soup girl all te bad
guys want! its a good song, it describes me, i watch
wrestling, liten to rap metal, i love godsmack i mean its
me! but anyways..... I wrote eric and told him i was sorry!
why do people feel the need to wear short shorts when they
cant pull them off?? ITS GROSS! we played volleyball today
in gym, haha! and i served and i was aiming it at Karen and
she was getting pissed!! i was laughing stupid bitch! But
why do all the REALLY ugly people get boyfriends and
me........ im not that ugly! i cant get a b/f! I mean i can
but all the guys i want hve g/f or they are outta state!
like wtf am i not meant to live where i do? who knows? ever
since meg told Ditchweed that i started having a crush on
him he stopped talkin to me........ but then again he has a
g/f and he said he is too old for me b/c he is 20 and we
couldnt f*ck or else it be considered s. rape! But oh well
dude its his loss! hm......... meg hasnt called me yet