Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-03-05 21:10:50 (UTC)

Laura the bitch is back

I have been so down lately with the crappy job, feeling
like my plans to move are going nowhere, but today things
changed. No, I didn't get a job in LV or anything like
that, but I remembered how much I enjoy making people feel
like shit when they make me feel like shit. Oh well... I
only do it to people who fuck with me. Well, Ritchard had
been all pissy about us not seeing each other, but he keeps
making plans with others on my only day off. Well,
needless to say, I made him so mad today when I blew him
off in return, and he is not getting his friend back. I
will make his life a pile of shit. Oh well.

I have plans not to talk to him for a while and then demand
he gives me back anything he has of mine and then blow him
off. If I plan to be the powerful bitch I use to be...
then I have to rebuild my bitchhood... It will help me get
a job when I move, hold my own in a place like Las Vegas.

Wish me luck... or not, I really don't fucking care...