Welcome to own demise
2003-03-05 18:57:21 (UTC)

la de da

dude its finally march. yea and i have so much to do in a
real lil amount of time.. grrrr.... 11 days til my bday...
yeehaw. i dont care to much tho really. i dont think my
bday is gonna be all that exciting this year. oh well. i
think imma go tannng tomorrow. i wish i had a tanning
buddy. oh well, um.... ok ahh mad caddies this weekend!
wooo! i doubt annies gonna go with me so i guess my
original plan of goin alone is still in effect... i dont
have much to talk about....... its ash weds. im goin to
mass otnight. yay, i actually wnt to tho so its ok. um....
didnt go to school today... um... i wish i could eat... i
want a meatball sandwich. but no. ok well imma go lates.